Holiday Tree Napkin Fold

The best part about these holiday tree napkin folds is that you can do them with almost any kind of napkin, from cotton ones to paper ones. Plus, they will be a fun conversation starter when your guests come to sit at the table.


  • Paper napkins or cotton napkins
  • Wood decorations (optional)
  • Wooden dowel
  • Cutting tool

How to

Step one: Open out the paper napkin so that it is in a square then fold it in half. Then, fold it in half again and turn it around so that all the outside corners face you.


Step two: Fold each corner up to the top, making each fold lower than the one before it.


Step three: Turn the napkin over and fold each of the outer corners to the opposite sides. You will be left with a pointy shape.


Step four: Flip the napkin over so the thickest part is at the bottom and the other side faces upwards.

Step five: Start at the top and fold each flap upwards. From the second one down, tuck the pointed tip under the flap above it so that you have a clean looking tree shape.


Step six: (Optional) Place a wooden decoration (such as a snowflake or star) at the top of your tree. Then, cut a two inch length of wooden dowel and place at the base of the napkin so that it looks like the tree trunk.






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