Graved Eggs

Graved Eggs
Well, you can make graved eggs by curing raw egg yolks in sugar and salt. As they do in Scandinavia with raw salmon: Gravlax. We liked the term because you also have to “bury” the yolks in the cure-mix.


  • Egg yolks (as many as you like)
  • Mix of equal parts of sugar and salt (enough to cover the egg yolks in)


  1. Place each egg yolk in a small cup
  2. Mox the sugar and salt (equal parts, e.g. 200g salt and 200g sugar)
  3. Fill approximately 2/3 of the mix into the casserole dish
  4. Make little pits in the sugar/salt-mix and carefully slide your egg yolks into them (the yolks should not touch each other)
  5. Cover well with the last third of the sugar/salt-mix
  6. Set aside for 75 mins (at room temperature)
  7. Carefully dig out the yolks
  8. Carefully brush off the remains of sugar and salt or rinse the yolks (NOTE: if you rinse them: they get really slippy-slimy from the outside, so don’t break them)
  9. Serve according to taste (e.g. on toasted buttered bread)

Watch the video 📽



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