Groovy Smoothies

Groovy Smoothies
A surefire way to fool your kids into consuming healthy fruits are these monster smoothies packed with essential nutrients. Some yummy options to stir include: pineapple-mango, blueberry-banana, honeydew-kiwi-lime and pomegranate-berry. You can even make grab-and-blend bags of fruit the night before to make morning prep a cinch.

Supplies for Monster Smoothies Eyes

  • Cute Paper Straws
  • 2 Marshmallows
  • 2 Chocolate Chips
  • Icing or melted white chocolate to glue on the eyes.
  • Skewer


Begin by poking a hole in the round size of each marshmallow with a skewer. A skewer is sharper than a straw so it will make a nice hole for your straw. It will also help keep your straw clean.


Then, slide the straw into the hole you made with the skewer. To know where to place the marshmallow eyes, measure your glass so you will know how far down the straw to slide the eyes.


Next, use the skewer to poke a small hole into the flat part of the marshmallow. Then, melt a little white chocolate to use as glue to attach the chocolate chip to the marshmallow. Follow the melting directions on the chocolate package.


Then, dip the pointed side of the chocoalte chip into the melted chocolate and place it in the hole you made with the skewer.


Let the eyes dry completely so the chocolate chips will stay in place. Once they are dry, add them to your favorite smoothie and vola, you have a healthy monster smoothie for your kiddos.


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