Pinecone Hearth Display

Pinecone Hearth Display

Accessorizing with pinecones is as simple as placing a few specimens on your mantel or coffee table. But pinecones can also be showcased in these handsome projects. Here, handmade pinecone trees flank the fireplace, making the traditional space feel more cozy.

Pinecone Hearth Display

Make your own indoor forest with a few simple objects. Start with a wire frame and lots of pinecones. Working from the top of the frame, wedge dampened cones from white pine (moisture causes them to partially close) into the frame. Secure with dabs of hot glue. As the cones dry, they will open fully and interlock. Stand the pinecone tree in a gravel-filled.

Pinecone Hearth Display

Give your mantel north-woods charm with a pinecone garland. To make, cinch wire around the stem end of each cone, then use thumbtacks to attach the strand to the mantel.


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